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The Capitol Building,
5th floor,Jl.Prapatan No.16,
Kecamatan Senen,Jakarta 10410
Website: www.icdx.co.id/menu/e-logistic
Email: info@icdexchange.com

1. Pangkal Pinang
Jl.Laksamana Malhayati,RT02 RW01,
Ketapang,Kecamatan Pangkal Balam,
Pangkal Pinang,Bangka.

PIC : Henry Chandra
Telepon/Email : +62 888 8070404/henrychandra@icdexchange.com
P: 021-30027788
F: 021-30027789

Jakarta, Bangka
ICDX Logistics Berikat

We accomodate commodities traded in Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange



ICDX Logistik Berikat (ILB) was established on12th of May 2016. ILBi s a subsidiary of Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX) and Indonesia Clearing House (ICH) with a main activity of providing warehousing facility for
commodities traded in ICDX. Currently collaborating with PT Tantra Karya Sejahtera, among other operators, ILB also
provides storage facilities, collateral management, custom clearance and other services in Pangkal pinang to support the deliveryof commodities pursuant to physical and futures contracts traded in ICDX.

The establishment of ILB represents our genuine support towards Indonesia's economic deregulation policy
package concerning Bonded Logistic Centre,particularly for export commodities traded in ICDX.


Why shouldyouchoose ILB?


Integrated Tin Services Financing and Insurance Transhipment
- Higher efficiency in the
  commodity delivery process through
  the synergy of ICDX- ICH- ILB

- Inventory financing arrangement
  provided by ITFC and other
  reputable institutions
- Collateral management
- Affordable storage forupto3 years
- Allows forother approved brands of
  commodity to be used as collateral for
  financing or trading in ICDX
Freight Forwarding Service Bonded Logistic Centre  
- Preparation of shipping and export documents
- Delivery of goods to final point of distribution
- Minimize shipping cost
- Warehousing management
- Warehouse space for lease