February 22, 2024

Our Services :
- Import Consolidation Warehouse (TPS)
- Export Consolidation Warehouse
- Local/General Warehouse
- Bonded Warehouse
- Container Depot
- International Freight
- Local/Domestics Freight
- Custom Inklaring
- Trucking Trailer & Box


Office Address : Jalan Bangka No. 1 Tanjung Priok Jakarta 14310 Indonesia Phone : +62 21 4307777 Fax : +62 21 4303333

Bonded Warehouse Address : KBN Marunda – Jakarta Jalan Pekanbaru Blok C-03.01 KBN Marunda, Jakarta Utara


Company Profile :
PT Agung Raya has an area of 25.000m2 and more than 300 employees. We started our business journey in 1963 in Tanjung Priok. Since the beginning, we have focused on Warehouse Management Services. We are ready to accommodate various Export and Import cargo shipments by providing transportation and warehousing. After going through various challenges, we have now emerged as one of the largest warehousing service provider companies in Jakarta. Until now, we consistently provide adequate service to our customers, to improve service and quality, we have passed ISO 9001:2015 certification from URS, UKAS Management System since 2004.


Bonded Warehouse :

The Bonded Warehouse (Pusat Logistik Berikat) is one of the business units of PT. Agung Raya carries out goods storage activities with special specifications and has been appointed by the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Industry, as a goods storage place that can defer customs fees.
Located in the Bonded Area, at Marunda. We serve customers with various activities including:
- Customs Inklaring Activities,
- Trucking (From Port to PLB Warehouse),
- Warehousing/Storage.


Bonded Warehouse Services :

- Deferred Payment of Import Taxes & Duties (Until Cargo Release from PLB)

- Reduce Storage/Demurrage & Handling Cost at Port (In Indonesia)

- Increase cash flow and raw material turnover for the factory

- Shorten Delivery Lead Time

- Storage Period up to 3 Years (Extendable)

- Simple Processing such as Maintenance, Cutting, Canting & Decanting, Surveyor Inspection (LARTAS) and other activities can be Conducted in PLB

- Cargo Re-Export can be arranged

- Cargo can be Stored at PLB while waiting for the Master List or other documents processes

- Allowing Partial Shipment Released from PLB upon Production Schedule