PT Hankyu Hanshin Logistic Indonesia


Our Services: Warehousing (Bonded Logistics Center/Pusat Logistik Berikat (PLB) & Non Bonded (General warehouse), Refrigeration and Cold Storage, Transportation
Logistics Handling
  • Bonded products storage & handling
  • Cold Storage
  • Order Processing & Picking
  • Packing & Palletizing
  • Repacking
  • Milk Run Delicery Services
  • Container (Un) Stuffing
  • Export-Import Handling and Customs Clearance Process (by Hankyu Hanshin Express)

Logistics Admnistration
  • Certificate PLB License
  • Certificate ISO 9001-2015
  • Buyer’s Consolidation
  • Customizable Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Transportation
  • Inventory Management (Customs Inventory System)
Kawasan Industri MM2100
Jl. Bali Blok O-1-2
Cikarang Barat
Bekasi 17530
Tlp: +62-21-28080251
Fax: +62-21-28080250

Bonded Logistics Center Services:
  • Deferred Import Tax & Duty Payment (Until Cargo Release from PLB)
  • Reduce Storage/Demurage & Handling Cost at Indonesia port
  • Improve Cash Flow and Raw Materials turn around for factories
  • Shorten Delivery Lead Time On Time Logistics
  • Storage Period up to 3 Years (Extendable)
  • Simple Processing such as Maintenance, Cutting & Decanting, Surveyor Inspection (LARTAS) and Other Activities can be Conducted in PLB
  • Re-Export of the Cargo be arranged
  • Cargo can be Stored in PLB whilst Waiting Master List or Other Documents Process
  • Allowing Partial Shipment Released from PLB upon Production schedule.

Kawasan Industri MM2100
Jl. Bali Blok O-1-2
Cikarang Barat Bekasi 17530

PIC: Yuliandri
Mobile: 0812-1888-6570

PT Hankyu Hanshin Logistic Indonesia

Company Profile

Facilities (1st Warehouse)

Site Area:
18,210 square meters

Gross Floor Area:
11,855 square meters (reinforced-concrete building, a single story), Including of PLB area

Main Facilities:
12 truck Dock equipped with Dock-Leveler, Cool Storage, Skylight System, Mezzanine Floor, 2 Cargo Lift.

Storage Solution

2 Mezzanine Floor Storage (Height : Approx. 4m)

Facilities (2nd Warehouse)
Site Area:
5,312 square meters

Gross Floor Area:
5,056 square meters

Main Facilities:
10 truck Dock equipped with Dock-Leveler

Kawasan Industri MM2100
Jl. Kalimantan Blok G-2, Unit B2,
Cikarang Barat,
Bekasi 17845.

Storage Solution